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As the Internet grows day by day, We are all relying more on the online world. If you look at the good old days for hearing our favorite song we needed to tune in to the radio or run to a nearby home to hear the song where television is there. Slowly CDs come in to picture. Now CD players are also on the verge of extinction. 

Now it is the smartphone Era, People can dive into online streaming sites to hear their favorite songs at any time anywhere. Rewind back a decade, Music streaming online is only affordable to some people. Since then internet penetration has evolved all over the world. Due to this Online music streaming sites like Apple Music, and Spotify have gained dominance in the industry. 

All music streaming brands initially provide some complimentary offers to lure users. But day by day things are getting changed. Not everyone can afford to monthly or yearly subscription. So brands introduce Ad-based services. Users will get Ads while using their services. But now things are changing even worse, I recently spotted some changes in Spotify. For free users, You can't rewind songs, move to the next songs, etc. So many controls are in place to make users subscribe to their service. this hampers the user's feel for music. 

What if I tell you there is a way to stream music completely for free with no Ads and doesn't track your listening habits.

Here comes our free Open source Streaming App VI music

Currently, it is available only on Android.

VI Music

ViMusic is an Android music streaming application that is free and open source. It utilizes the YouTube Music API to offer a wide selection of official songs, albums, playlists, and more. The ViMusic app is open source, which means that it is available for anyone to view, modify, and distribute under the GPL-3.0 license.

This App is not available in the Google Play store. You can get it from their official Website.

App Download Link

Many users may ask Does this App is safe. We have run the APK in the Virustotal site and checked for any flag available for this APK file. However, Virustotal gives a green signal as not malicious.

Virustotal Result


  1. Access to all YouTube Premium Music 
  2. Background playback.
  3. Offline download
  4. Ad - free
  5. Lyrics available

Try out the App and support Open source music. You can save some chunk of money.

Pour your comments and thoughts.

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