YouTube to come up with more non-Skippable Ads | how to use youtube without Ads on desktop |

                         The video sharing company YouTube is one of the most used and top level sites to share the videos throughout the world.It is the Search engine next to Google where lot of search requests are hits up everyday.although Google is the top most search engine and next to that is YouTube.

                         It is going to rolls out in Next week.Now itself  amny of the users are experiencing More Unskippable Ads.


                         By using the platform of YouTube large number of creators of YouTube are earning a lot of money.To boost their income and to improve the Revenue of YouTube.The company is going to enable the Non-Skippable Ads in YouTube.

What is Non-Skippable Ads???

                         Without YouTube nothing is possible in today's World.From kids to all sorts of people are experiencing YouTube Everyday.But the one sort of problem in YouTube is Advertisement.Still now we get Advertisement just as Skippable Ads and Text and image Ad etc.
                         Now it enable the Unskippable Ads in which you cannot skip the Ad when you are watching videos.this can cause little trouble to YouTube users.


Previous Ad rules

                        Ad will be running only 0.20 sec and then we are able to Skip the Ad.But now it is Non-Skippable.The Creator of YouTube Who are eligible with will get an Email shortly.

How to Avoid Ads in YouTube Desktop????



                        If you are in need of experiencing YouTube in Ad free mode or without Ads kindly Download the Opera browser.Because it is provided with inbuilt Ad Blocker.So you won't get any Ads in YouTube.

                        You can Enable the Ad blocker and start surfing.But the one important thing is that enabling Ad blocker can slow down the pages to load.

After Enabling Ad Blocker                                                                     

In other Browser like Google chrome,Firefox etc.You need to add extension in google chrome Store.
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