Blue Light Emission from Smartphone and Laptop and any Digital Screens can cause Permanent Blindness | Officially Proved |

                            Day today life we are all using Mobile phones,Laptops etc.Although there is a major problem in the Radiation emitted by this also causes severe diseases like Brain tumor etc.Now a new research has revealed that Long Exposure to Blue Lights in the Digital Screens can cause Permanent Blindness.It also has been proved.


Blind Belief

                             You were come up with the info that any product which is going to be launch eg:Laptop will hold the option the screen is come up with the Extra layer for protection of the Eye like Retina Guard and Blue light blockage etc.In my opinion these are only for the marketing of product because any device with long exposure can cause blindness.It has proved clearly in this Research.


Discoverer of this Information

                             This was Revealed in new study by the Researchers from the University of Toldeo published in the Journal Scientific Reports.According to a Fast company the study shows Blue light emission causes our molecules in the eyes to become toxic.

How it happens??

                              Day today we are exposing to long time of exposure to Blue Light such as Mobiles,T.V,Laptop,Computer etc etc.This can lead to Damaging the Eye's Retina.Because the Eye Cornea and Retina Cannot block or reflect it.

                               The study also reveals that the constant exposure of blue light can also cause Blindness in the age between 50 to 60 which cannot be cured.


  • Many Smartphones are given with the option Night Mode which can prevent somewhat in the night time usage of smartphones,laptops etc.
  • Yellow-toned screen light often comes in Night Mode to prevent Blue Light Exposion.
  • Use Night Mode in night time or low light places.
  • Use Low brightness in the device.

Another Causes
  • This can also cause Simple Disrupting in Sleep and unusual habit of Sleeping.
  • Headache.
  • Avoid Long time exposure.

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