Google Location Tracking goes Terrible | Records user Movements when it is prevented|

                           The tech giant Google goes terrible for tracking the users activity and location Although it is prevented by the users.Google is one of the most trusted company all over the world.But it also has some Weird activity.


                            An Associated press investigation in U.S are vowing in setting up their eyes on top tech companies.After an Associated press investigation a new information was rolls out.

                            Google continues to collect the user data Although the user used a privacy setting that claimed to prevent it from the tracking.In other ways we can tell the Android phone has Location sharing option if we keep the location sharing enabled it will pin point our location and track our activity.But the serious fact is that if we Disable the option also it keep tracking us.

                            It is a serious Privacy issue in Google.

Lawmaker Statement

                            If a user disable the setting called location history "It is perfectly reasonable for that person to except that apps will not continue tracking their location".


Google answer

                            Google said that it tracks the user for their good customization of their feed.for example if you are in a place you will search for some shops and restaurants and theater etc.if the location is tracked we will give a good results about your search queries about that place.

Effects of this issue

                             This privacy issue affects two billion users of Android Devices and 100 millions of iphone users worldwide who used google maps or search for their queries.

Use the search engine like DuckDuckGo to prevent from tracking and no logs.

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