SBI customer your ATM card will stop working Unless you do this

                          State Bank of India is one of the most patriotic bank in India.It is now make an update to its users.Update to your  Debit ATM  card for the main purpose of the Security reasons and to make the bank to the wholesome next level.


                           The Bank inform the Debit card users to upgrade to the EMV chip cards.Now the ATM Card is with Magstripe.

Deadline to upgrade the card

until 31st December is the last date to upgrade the card.this can be done in online Via Official website of SBI or via home branch.No cost for is completely free.

What is EMV chip cards???

EMV stands for Europay Mastercard Visa
                           Which is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip card transactions.

                          The EMV technology is the Global Standard Technology for the Debit Card Payments.The Debit Card is in built with a Microprocessor Chip.Where the chip stores and protect the Cardholder data.

Why this Upgrade from Magstripe to EMV cards???

                           SBI has launched a multi platform payments for the users to be flexible in the digital payments like UPI,Bharat QR,SBI Buddy in a single POS(Point Of Sale) terminal using MOPAD(Multi Option Payment Acceptance Device).This can lead the Bank to provide best payment platform without any inconvineance caused and a Streamline flow in the transaction of money.

Difference between Magstripe and EMV cards

  • EMV cards can be blocked anywhere.
  • EMV most secure.


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