Android users stay alert | App as that of Google Play Store is being rolling out | malicious Apps|

                         All  Android users  comes up with the name Google Play store. Which is one of the default Application in every Google based Android phone. And it is also one of the trusted way for installing apps in the Android based smartphones. Google play store is the massive collection of Applications, Games, Books,Movies etc etc.


                         Nowadays a new threat is rolling out all over the world. A fake App as that of google Play Store is rolling out in the internet.

Android users stay alert.

Fake Google Play Store

                         On seeing the user interface of the Fake Google Play Store is 100 percent same as that of original  Google officially launched Play Store.

What this Fake App Do????

                         This fake app is launched to steal the user data. Whoever unknowingly installed this fake app on his or her Smartphone. The Smartphone will completely affected by the virus. This app will start operating in the background process. Which completely steals all the user data such as Mobile number, Passport details, Bank details etc.These stealed data are automatically uploaded to the Fake Apps Owned servers.

Takes out complete control of your smartphone

                           To brings out the control of the affected smartphone the Attackers inject the Dot net files to your smartphone without knowing you. This new threatening deals tend to a massive Cyber attacks across all over the world.

Safety tips

  1. Don't download any third party apps.
  2. Don't download Google Play Store from any other source or website.
  3. Don't install any unwanted apps.
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