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                           #MeToo movement is almost emerging in all over the world. it is recently emerged up through out the world.It hits almost all the countries. Slowly it turns  across the globe.


What is #MeToo Movement????

                            This MeToo movement is found out in the year 2006 by the African-American Civil rights activist Tarana Burke who is a sexual assault survivor herself .created the tag and started the movement called the MeToo movement.

Tarana Burke founder of MeToo movement

                            First of all the Movement is Started as a campaign or organization.The Movement is purely Focused on the Mission Empowerment through Empathy.

Main Goal of the MeToo Movement

                           One of the main goal of the MeToo movement is to give young women , particularly young women of color from low wealth communities, a sense of empowerment from the understanding that they're not alone...

Why goal is mentioned the color of women???

                          As tarana burker says she had worked with many young women of color and  this movement was started for the marginalized people with low wealth and it got a very good response from the women in the organization.She also mention that Women with Color will get only low supports.

How it came into existence now???

                          It was founded in 2006 but it was started emerge in the year 2017 october by the actress Alyssa Milano via a tweet mentioning in the tweet


This tweet has break into all over the world.Now it becomes one of the most trending movement as the MeToo movement.From actress to it has reached all other fields etc etc.
Now it is creating a lot of attention....

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