Globla Internet Shutdown Likely Take Over Next 48 Hours | ICANN says | Stay Alert

                         Internet Users in Today's world are increasing rapidly all over the World.Without Internet Our daily routine will be completely damaged.Transactions, Communication etc will get completely collapsed.Due to increasing Cyber attacks ICAAN(Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) says there will be a Global Internet Shutdown All over the world.


                        This was a regular maintanence of Internet ICAAN Said.This will happen Next 48 hours where the Internet will be completely shut down.


                       It will carry out a maintanence work during this time period by changing the Cryptographic Key that protects the complete Internet Address book or the Domain Name System(DNS).Changing the key will enhance the Security Across the Internet.


CRA Says

                     Communication Regulation Authority Says this maintanence will provide a secure and resilient DNS.Several Internet Service Provider will get affected in this shutdown which are not taken appropriate change such as enabling the appropriate security extension and also with an outdated ISP.

If your Internet Service Provider is working with an updated extension of  ICAAN.then it Won't affect that ISP.Updated ISP can avail internet....

Great Economic Loss if internet is Shutdown..


Steps to be taken

  1. Take money as much you want for the expenses because ATM is working with Internet if its gone down ATM will not work.
  2. Social communication will completely cutoff.
  3. Online booking and transactions will be stopped.
  4. No WhatsApp nothing...
  5. peoples stay alert.....

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