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PUBG the most emerging and the viral hit game across the world. They provide users to experience perfect gameplay by providing enormous updates and by fixing Bugs. It breaks several records across the globe. Recently a new map has been launched for the Christmas edition called as Vikendi Snow map For PUBG Mobile Edition version(0.10.0). In this new map update, PUBG has fixed many of the security bugs and also restrict the Fraudulent players.

The most used hacking method used by the players in PUBG is the Radar hacking. This type of hacking is most common in PUBG Mobile E-sport competition in North America and Europe. However, in the lastest vikendi map update PUBG has fixed this Radar hacking.

What is Radar hacking? 

Radar hacking is an essentially used method by users where users can obtain the server information and the obtained data are stored in the external device or some other form of application by using VPN technologies. The collected data from the server are used to pinpoint the players on the map. Thereby making easier to win the game.

Radar hacking no more

PUBG has fixed this radar hacking in their latest update. Their new battle eye algorithm makes users not to involve in any of the misbehavior.

Is PUBG banned??

In China, PUBG has been banned by the government because most of the people are getting addicted to that game.
A piece of news is going viral in India that is PUBG will be banned in 2019 in India.No confirmation till now will update later.


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