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                         The features of Smartphones are also increasing day by day and it is enhancing the performance.Likely the Battery technology also developing rapidly.What features comes to the Smartphone But the enhancement of battery feature may lead the new smartphones to a greater success.In 2016 Oneplus introduces Dash charging.But now time changes Oppo has introduced a new Charging technology called Super VOOC charging.


VOOC stands for What????

Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current charging.


How VOOC technology works???

                          Super VOOC has the series Bi-cell batteries.Design and support a 10V 5A Fast charging mode.This Bi-cell battery can doubles the charging power three times faster than using the Single long cell batteries.In this technology the battery may get full charged within 35 minutes.

This VOOC technology is comes up in the Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition.I think the Lamborghini edition only differs in the faster charging other than in Oppo Find X No VOOC technology.Lamborghini name indicates the faster charging(Like the speed of Lamborghini).and also available in Oppo R17.


Features of Super VOOC Charging technology
  • No heating issues since it is a Bi-cell battery.
  • Charge 2500mAh in 15 minutes
  • And so by calculation we can predict it can charge 5000mAh in 30-35 minutes.
  • Charging cable is Oppo VOOC DL118 micro USB 7 pin. since it can transmit Large power than the Previously used cables. 

Safety Guaranteed
  • Fuse built into phone.
  • Voltage test built into phone.
  • VOOC identification built into adapter.
  • VOOC identification built into phone.So only VOOC compatible phones can charge in the adapter.
Since Oppo brand is good for the Selfie camera but now it has stepped into the batteries.

The only disadvantage of Super VOOC Charging technology is it is very much expensive.


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