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                            The most emerging game has come up with a new edition.It is now available in the PlayStation Platform.PS4 console has get an amazing game PUBG.The most trending games all over the World.Say good bye to Smartphones and get set to the best experience in PlayStation.

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PUBG-Player Unknown's BattleGround is available in PS4.This is a good news for the PlayStation users.Since playing in mobile phone and tablet is not as compatible for many.Now you can experience a big screen gaming experience of PUBG

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PUBG in PlayStation

                            PUBG is officially released in Sony Award winning PlayStation Console PS4.This was available to purchase as Digitally from a PlayStation Store Or By a physical copy.The Price of the game is $29.99.And it is also available in Amazon Store.The price of the game in India is Rs.2000.

Features of PUBG In PS4
  • The PUBG comes up with Three maps Erangel,Miramar and Sanhok.
  • Test server is available for the new maps Snow map,Vikendi Coming soon.
  • Same Gaming experience as that of PC and Xbox.
  • Regular updates will be given as per to improve the bugs.
  • PUBG Also Available for PS4 pro.
  • You can also experience a 4K gaming experience of PUBG in PS4.
  • Also experience the PUBG in PlayStation VR (Virtual reality).

 PlayStation Features over Android

                           Most of the PUBG players are playing throughout the Smartphones.Although playing in PlayStation can create a huge experience.
  • No lagging in game like that of Android.
  • No heating issue.
  • No frustration with Battery.
  • Good visualization than Smartphone.
PUBG users enjoy the new experience of gaming.


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