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                         State Bank of India has announced a special offer for its customers.It offers Five Litre of Petrol for free.The Petrol must be filled only in the Indian oil Petrol bunk.This offer is extended till December 15th 2018.SBI users get ready to avail the offer.


Terms and Condition
  1. This offer is applicable only you fill Petrol in Indian oil Petrol bunks.
  2. Petrol must be filled by users above Rs.100 to get listed into the offer.
  3. The Cash or amount for Petrol  must be paid using SBI card or BHIM SBI pay App.
  4. Offer applicable till December 15th.
  5. 10,000 winners every day. 


How to Avail the offer??
  1. Put Petrol for Rs.100 or above only in Indian Oil petrol bunks.
  2. Pay only using SBI card or BHIM SBI PayApp.Cash is not applicable.
  3. After paying money make sure to note down the 12 Digit UPI reference number or six digit recognition code .
  4. Then send SMS in the format <UPI ref(12 digit)code<DDMM> to 9222222084.
  5. DDMM means your date of birth only month and date.
  6. 10,000 SMS will get selected daily for the offer.
  7. Selected customers will avail casback Rs.50,Rs.100,Rs.150,Rs.200.
  8. Per day only two SMS from one user.
  9. Offer is applicable only the people turned above age 18.
  10. Winners will be announced within two weeks.

This offer is targeted by SBI to reach out BHIM SBI pay App to all SBI users.

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