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                         The Most emerging Photo and Video sharing Company Instagram is known to all.In fact we all use this .Nowadays it is a new trend to be on Instagram.Every Actor,Actress and Big names interacting with their fans as well as New updates about any brand are Placed first on Instagram.Although Instagram is a Facebook owned Company.


                         After Facebook owned Instagram there were lot of questions about the user privacy.Since Facebook has tracking the users data to monitor or target Ads on the users.Facebook also gone into some massive data breach this year as well as Cambridge Analytica  Scandal.

Is Instagram Revealing My followers????

                         This is the most common question for Instagram users.Whether My followers in Instagram are Stalking me.

                         The Answer is Your followers are stalking you.Instead You are stalking your followers.This can be done by an analysis.Let us take the Instagram Stories.


  • When you post a story in Instagram. 
  • It shows you a detailed content about.Who are viewed  your status by their Profile names.
  • You can ask a question The follower who viewed my Status first will be at the middle or at the last.But the Follower who viewed the status after one hour or at the 15th follower to view my status will be at the first or the 25th follower who viewed the status will be at the first.
  • The followers name who viewed the status will be not  based upon the priority of the followers who viewed it first.
  • This is purely based upon your activity.You will think the follower name who appear in the first will be stalking you daily or He or she will be visiting your status or profile daily.
  • This is not like that the story viewed names are based upon your activity between followers.
Activity includes
  • How you are reacting with your followers post like commenting or liking .
  • Your conversation or chats.
  • Way of interaction.
  • Since you are out of Instagram you will be tracked with your activity with Facebook etc.
  • Your tags.
  • Mutual Followers you follow between your friends.
  • etc
  • Every you open Instagram You will get a new profile names at the top of the Status Viewing list.
  • This can make users to get a interest in feeds.
 In 2016 Instagram changes its system from Chronological to Algorithmic.Since 70 percent of User posts are missing.Facebook and Instagram algorithm are work on the same way.

Instagram confirms that it won't expose any data about their customers.


WhatsApp Status

Unless in WhatsApp status  the contacts which are viewed are based upon a priority from down to first.


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