Google new defense against User's Password

Nowadays artificial intelligence plays a major role in all technical aspects. Future is going to be an AI-powered environment across the globe. All top-level company's such as Google, Microsoft are stepped into AI. But security-related services are not powered by AI till now.

Google has come up with New Security feature it provides the user the next level of security. Even Microsoft also jump into AI-powered security feature. It predicts the Hacking attempt with the use of AI security. This new security feature is available only on the Google Chrome extension.

What Google does??

Google is going to come up with an extension tool which is going to alert the user whether their passwords are stolen or compromised in any Cyber attack or data breach. Google is enhancing them by their new security features to provide users with a trusted and safe place to explore on the internet. Two types of tools are introduced here

How Extension work??

Password checkup tool 

If your login credentials such as password are being stolen or misused in any other sites by unwanted people this extension will alert you with a pop-up says that your credentials are no longer safe and need to be changed immediately.

Cross-account protection

This tool is designed for users to stay alert when hackers trying to change the victim account settings etc. Also, it alerts the users where Google sign in takes place in other authorized websites.

These tools were created by the cryptographic experts at Stanford University.

Is Google is enhancing the Security feature??

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