Will MI Pay Sustain in Indian Market or Paytm Dominates

Digital Payments are improving in a drastic way across the country in India. Moreover, this rapid improvement in Digital payments are evolved due to the Budget segment Smartphones and also nowadays smartphones are at a cheaper price due to the big competition across the Smartphone brands. All the brands are targeting the Indian market to succeed.

The foremost growth of digital payment growth is caused by one of the major brand JIO. After Jio starts to evolve in the Indian market the growth of the people using the Internet is raised up and this was due to the low-cost data packet and free calls etc. Since Jio dominates the telephone sector of India nowadays.

The Impact of Jio causes India's Pre-owned network such as Airtel, BSNL etc to face a greater loss in their revenues and also losing their customers.
By the revolution of Jio in India made the people transform into digital payments sector.

Minds of people

Peoples are also fond of using UPI based transaction as it was easy to use and also you can shop or buy anything from anywhere with the use of UPI based payments. Most of the shops are also jumped into UPI based digital payments for customer benefits. You can buy any products from Shop as well as Online market with just a few clicks. So people are also preferring.

Whether MI pay sustains in Indian market??

Since this is a complicated question. Because already by knowing the importance of Digital payments many companies are providing UPI based services to its customers. We all know Paytm leads the Indian market in Digital payments. Again next to that PhonePe, Google Pay, Mobi Kwik, Amazon pay and lots More.

By the way, the above brands are also providing customers with an enormous amount of offers and cash back etc.

So MI pay to face heavy competition in India. It wants to face competition with many brands. The one Advantage is that MI pay is coming along with MIUI 10 updated OS. So Users of MI Smartphones will get the app in the phone when they update to the latest version of MIUI 10.

Is Digital Payment Safe??
All the brands are providing a wide range of security to users to trust their service. All UPI based transaction is encrypted with the Four digit passcode. Which provides an extra layer of security.

Paytm is dominating

But Paytm dominating India's digital payment service. In the month of January 2019 Paytm successfully completed 221 Million transactions.

Where PhonePe and Google Pay combine and holds a record of 220 Million transactions.

So Paytm is the successful brand for digital payments in India.

Will MI Sustain???

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