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Musically Formerly called TikTok has made changes drastically throughout the Adults as well as children all over the world. Most of the teens were addicted to this app. Since a report says that Nearly 70 percent of TikTok users are girls and the remaining 30 percent were boys. The Indian government has taken steps to ban TikTok. But this is just an Initial level step taken by the government. Because they have just asked Google and Apple to remove the app from the Application store. This will not bring a complete restriction for using TikTok.

Why Government Bans TikTok??

Since TikTok is used by the Children below 13 years of age. And this could change the total community changes against young children. People also reported that TikTok is alleged to pornographic content. So to save the life of young children and adults Indian government has taken several measures to ban TikTok.

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No problem for existing users

Government has made just a small restriction for the TikTok users since it has removed the application only from the Google Play store and Apple store. This will not make complete restriction access. Because the people who have already installed TikTok will be using it without any issues, sounds good right. Because there were no possibilities that TikTok will remove from all the Smartphones in India.

Third Party Websites are there

There are plenty of third party websites which are holding the app TikTok hence users can easily download the app from those websites. Some of the websites like Apkpure and uptodown etc.

VPN also helps

Using a VPN service will also clear down all the restriction of using TikTok. Just Connect the Vpn Server to other countries except for India you will be gaining complete access to TikTok.

India holds 40 percent of TikTok users all over the world. Restriction can decrease down the users gradually. But there are plenty of ways to access TikTok with simple steps.

Can PUBG be banned??

TikTok and PUBG are the most downloaded apps from the play store. PUBG also get some of the restriction like 6 hours play etc.

Comment your Opinion PUBG or TikTok???

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