Song Lyrics has Forgotten | Just Hum the Song | Google throws you the result

The most awaited feature by Google was rolled out. Most people can remember the Song tune but they can't remember the lyrics of the song. For those people here is the solution by Google. Google has rolled out "Hum To Search" a new feature for all users across the world. You can use this feature in Google app or Google Assistant and in Apple IOS.

How this "Hum To Search" Feature works?

All know about Google it holds a huge collection of data across various sources. Youtube is owned by Google Which has a huge collection of songs in it. So when the user Hum a song Your Smarphone records and transfer the data to the server which runs a Hum Recognition feature in it. Google had done this by Machine Learning Models by transforming the audio into a number based sequence representing the song Melody. Then Google compares the captured sequence to the giant existing song list. When a good match found for your Hum(tone) sequence. Google will throw that in your search result. 

Also, the company says it trained these models on Humming, whistling, and human singing as well as Studio recordings. So it is very clear that Google can recognize your tone and provide the best results.

How to use it?

  • Open Google app or Google Assistant.
  • Type "What's the Song" and search.
  • Now you can get a listening screen. That's it Google Starts recording your Voice.
  • Hum, whistle, or sing a song. The very next minute Google will throw you the perfect match of the song
  • that's it enjoy.

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