Netflix will let you use their service with no subscription for two days in India | Netflix StreamFest

Netflix which is one of the top OTT platforms has slightly moved with a brand new approach to gain more users.  Netflix is one of the topmost OTT services in the US and some more countries. But in India, the company cannot grow its service as much as expected. Because India holds Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee, and many more OTT services. So it is a nightmare for Netflix to sustain and grow itself in the Indian market.

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Netflix StreamFest is Live.. 

Netflix has extended it's StreamFest until 9 december

The StreamFest will kick off on December 5th and 6th in India. 

Netflix has announced that it is hosting the new StreamFest event in India first.

In this Blogpost, I will take you through the steps to how to register for StreamFest? and how to access Netflix for free for two days? Read till the end.

You all know that India is the second-largest Internet market. Making a sustainable landmark in India can provide even more growth in its services. Netflix has already launched some new subscription plans for users in India. Netflix has taken many steps to gain its users in India. So by this time Netflix had come up with a new way to attract users. 

In its Q3 earnings call, Netflix reported that the company is choosing a different marketing strategy to gain more users. The company calls it StreamFest.

What is StreamFest?

Netflix is planning a two-day event for users across various markets. During that event, Netflix will allow Non-Subscribers to stream its Library. So anyone with no subscription to Netflix plan can able to watch their content for free. Netflix is focusing that its new marketing strategy could attract more users to sign up across their services.

Already Netflix is started to kill its Free trial plan services across the US. This may be for other countries too. So this new marketing could gain some attraction to their services.

How to Register for Netflix StreamFest Event?

  • Click on this Link Netflix Streamfest.
  • It will take you to the Registration Page.
  • Just enter your Email address. 
  • You will get the below message from Netflix.

  • Netflix will notify you once when the StreamFest Live.

  • Enter your name, mail, and create a password. 
  • That's it you can start watching for free
StreamFest Highlights
  • Anyone who Signup for StreamFest will get one Stream in Standard Definition.
  • As like as the paid plan on Netflix you can watch wherever you want like smartphones, Smart TVs, etc. No restrictions for users.

Update for StreamFest Users.

Obviously, most of the users are going to stream on Netflix on Dec 5th and 6th. So there will be a lot of traffic on Netflix Servers. So sometimes Netflix might give you a message saying “StreamFest is at capacity”

Don't worry... Netflix will send you a mail once you can start to stream.

So why are you waiting? note down the movies whichever you need to watch. There's going to be full of entertainment.

 "clear your weekend, and set a reminder. It’s going to be two days full of entertainment" 

                                            - Netflix India 

What's your thought about Netflix's new Marketing Strategy.

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